Service in Action: Manufacturing




The Scenario

Everyone knows preventive maintenance is critical for tools and machinery in the manufacturing industry. Without it, equipment might fail, or even become damaged, creating huge losses to production and expensive company assets. Preventative maintenance is a proactive process with the goal of avoiding manufacturing tool and equipment issues or failure. It is typically based on a schedule, implemented when equipment has run for a certain amount of time or reached a certain production output level. However, even with daily operation checks by production employees, the preventative maintenance process still leaves manufacturing equipment vulnerable to unforeseen issues, downtime, and damage.

The Solution

To decrease the amount of risk involved by only relying on preventative maintenance, you may want to consider implementing a predictive maintenance program. Also known as condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance has the same goal as preventative maintenance, but improves upon that process by increasing productivity and efficiency while also reducing cost over time.Investing in predictive maintenance is expensive up front as it requires installation of many cutting-edge technologies: sensors (types for temperature, vibration, pressure, etc.), Internet of Things (IoT) to read and interpret sensors, machine learning algorithms, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), and training for skilled employees to understand how to read the data accurately. However, especially for large manufacturing companies, the ROI continues to accrue over time due to:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency due to less maintenance downtime
  • Cost of labor saved by reducing routine scheduled maintenance when not really necessary
  • Greater accuracy in system operation data, creating better protection of expensive company assets
  • Better prediction of major equipment failures due to the detail and accuracy of system data

You may be wondering if a predictive maintenance program is the right choice for your company. Orayaah’s experience with these systems makes us a great resource to consult when making this determination. We want to see you succeed and can assist you in analyzing your current manufacturing systems to determine if the cost is worth the investment.