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Business Process Automation

Learn More About Orayaah Business Process Automation

A great way to increase your company’s productivity without hiring additional employees is by using BPA. Many basic, manual, repetitive tasks can be automated using technology developed specifically for your organization’s needs, allowing you to prioritize your employees’ assignments with higher-level or more complex tasks.

Some tasks that can be easily automated include different types of workflows (approval, development, etc.), support tickets, employee onboarding, project management, vacation/time off requests, and many more. In fact, a subset of BPA, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), pulls-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automate more complex tasks such as benefits claims processing and customer support services.

The many BENEFITS of Business Process Automation include:

  • Cost
  • Manual processes require resources to run them. Automated process do not, allowing a company to restructure their resources rather than adding new, repositioning talent for higher-value, customer-centric work. And as your digital transformation continues, there may be new roles required for which resources displaced by BPA can be allocated, creating career advancement opportunities for your employees.

  • Time
  • Automated processes are designed to run expediently and precisely when needed, thus completing tasks at predictable or scheduled times without the unpredictable breaks and absences of a manual processor.

  • Turnover
  • Positions which encompass a high number of repetitive, tedious business processes can be boring, leading to dissatisfaction for these employees and high turnover in these positions. Implementing BPA can eliminate these positions and their unending, cost and value loss cycles of recruiting, hiring, and training.

  • Testing
  • Once the automation of a process is tested and any errors are fixed, you no longer need to worry about “fat-fingering” of data or missed typos. BPA eliminates the risk of human error, running and completing processes the exact same way every time.

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Orayaah can help you streamline and automate purpose-driven business processes via automatic workflows and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We help you identify repetitive, mundane business processes that are ripe for automation and then design plans to automate each specific process.