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Technology Consulting

Learn More About Orayaah Technology Consulting

Why work with a technology consultancy?

Technology and Business go hand in hand. Both are constantly upgrading in response to changing industry and workplace needs and challenges. Technology consultants can deliver experienced, expert advice on the best ways to resolve your emergent business challenges on an as-needed basis.

Think of it as scaling-up your resources only for the duration of a specific project. A technology consultancy provides skilled, expert resources plus a successful record of solving a multitude of business challenges with technology.

The many BENEFITS of working

with a technology consultancy include:

  • Increased resources for the duration of a project
  • Additional resources that are experienced, offering highly specialized talent
  • Permanent resources learning from consultants
  • Expertly crafted, bespoke business solutions improving productivity while saving money
  • Business solutions that are scalable and flexible for longevity
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Providing Superior Results for
Myriad Industries
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Why Orayaah?

A Fresh Approach To A Fruitful Digital Transition.

Orayaah helps organizations implement flexible, resilient business solutions using technology that advances a company’s ability to meet their customers needs.
Our technology agnostic consultants guide everyday businesses through technology metamorphoses. The result is a modern, customer-centric powerhouse delivering industry-specific services that are fast, effective, efficient, and easy. This is your organization transformed.


Our process is focused on finding solutions that fit best with your company and industry, with each part designed to keep sight of advancing your customer solutions and support to unsurpassed excellence:

Our Expertise

Our Consultants Are Among The Most Experienced In The Industry

Cloud Service

Interested in transitioning to the Cloud? Orayaah can assist your organization in making the jump to enjoy the many benefits of Cloud Computing.

DevOps Services

Orayaah’s DevOps services introduce tools and strategies for bringing clarity and collaboration between business, development, ... and IT departments. Orayaah’s expertise in this area is important for improving the speed and success of your software development process.

Enterprise Application Development

Orayaah creates custom, complex applications using an iterative, agile process to satisfy your company’s critical business requirements.

Mobile Application Development

Looking for a mobile app solution? Orayaah’s expertise in mobile app development removes the headaches from the process ... cross-platform code development that delivers on multiple platforms and devices.

Salesforce Development

Interested in using Salesforce? Or, currently using it but want to take advantage of its more advanced features? Orayaah knows ... how to make Salesforce work for your organization.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality is everything, which is why Orayaah’s agile, customer-focused QA process incorporates multiple types of testing to ensure ... customer and user requirements are met, but beyond expectations. Our savvy QA team will deliver an exceptional product with decreased time-to-market and decreased cost.

Custom Workflow Development

There is a faster, more efficient way - Let Orayaah show you how even the most complex, multi-party and/or human-centric processes ... can be transformed into a custom workflow to improve productivity and efficiency.

Enterprise Systems Integration

Trying to get all your systems working together in harmony? Orayaah can assist you in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)... that allows multiple business solutions to run simultaneously, including Human Resource Management (HRM), Customer Relationships Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Business Intelligence (BI).

Master Data Management

Struggling with inconsistent data tracking methods that have created multiple, inaccurate, non-uniform data records on customers, ... suppliers, products, etc.? Get to the root of the problem by creating a master data repository of consistent, reliable data so everyone is on the same page. Orayaah can show you how.

Our Integrations

We Develop Solutions That Are Fully Integrated Into Your Existing Infrastructure.

Our solutions easily integrate with the industry’s most standard, reliable tools and applications.